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A criminal defense or DUI attorney in East Lansing Michigan should know trial preparation.

Aggressive Trial Strategy starts at the first consultation. Often we, tell our clients to start preserving evidence immediately, including but not limited to text messages, voicemails, phone records, credit card records, and other documents. Write down a detailed timeline. Write down a list of witnesses including their addresses and phone numbers. Search for witnesses on face book. See if anyone nearby actually saw what happened.
We also have clients get letters of support around and provide us with a detailed history. What are the client’s goals, what are their plans for the future, what kind of work history do they have, etc. The better picture we can paint of our client the better deal we can get them.
Trial preparation at our office typically involves several meetings with the client and witnesses. We’ll go over the overall strategy to make sure the client is comfortable with it and we’ll go over the client’s and witnesses’ testimony. This will allow the client and witnesses to feel more comfortable in the event they testify. I say “in the event they testify” because generally speaking the witnesses will not testify. In a criminal case, the prosecution has the burden of proof. That means the defense can simply poke holes in the prosecution’s case and avoid exposing the client and the witnesses.
Specific types of cases have specific types of evidence. For instance, the majority of the evidence in a DUI case will come from the data master (breath test) at the jail or the blood draw at the hospital and the dash cam video. Often a case can hinge on that evidence and eye witness evidence will simply compliment it. That’s not to say one cannot be convicted based off eye witness testimony alone. Convictions off eye witness testimony alone happens all the time. One of the reasons you should speak with an attorney is that an attorney should be able to assist you in preserving evidence for your defense.

Berrien, Kent, Allegan, Van Buren County Criminal Defense Attorneys know the judges in their counties. Often people will search for a "big city" attorney to come and represent them in a small town. The perception is that the "big city" attorney is better. The truth is that one can find a good attorney in every county. One advantage that the local attorney will have over the "big city" attorney is that the local attorney will know the judges and the prosecutors. That can have a huge impact on trial strategy. If the attorney knows the judge, the attorney might suggest that you have a bench as opposed to a jury trial.

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The attorney you hire can have as much to do with your success at trial as the facts of your case. Some facts of two different interpretations. A skilled trial attorney can help to reveal that to the jury through each of the witnesses. In a way they’ll teach the jury about the theory of your case. They’ll also be able to highlight problems with the prosecution’s case. Concepts such as primacy is one of the concepts pivotal to your defense. Primacy is the psychological concept that holds people tend to remember the first thing they hear. It is why the jury tends to remember the prosecution’s case more. They hear it first. That said, primacy comes into play during cross examination. The defense attorney will want to lead with a powerful point. That way it will stay in the mind of the jury. Further, in the defense attorney’s opening and closing statements, they will want to lead with a powerful point.

The above is of course general advice we give to some but not all clients. You should not rely on it as it is not intended as advice to you, the reader. The facts of your situation may make the above advice a bad idea. For instance, it could result in you going to prison for the rest of your life. Prior to taking or refraining for taking any action you should consult with an attorney. Nothing in this post is to be construed as legal advice. Heckman Law, PLLC does not represent you.