A Kalamazoo Criminal Defense Attorney on Expunging a Criminal Conviction

Expunging a Michigan criminal conviction has its pitfalls whether your a Battle Creek Criminal Defense Attorney in Calhoun County or a City of Kalamazoo Criminal Defense Attorney in Kalamazoo County.

The minutia of the respective statutes has pit falls. Too often individuals seek to have their convictions set aside to early or seek to have convictions set aside when the have a conviction that will not permit the Court to grant the relief. This can result in a loss of time and money. If the Court denies your petition, the default rule is that you will not be able to file for an additional three years. An expungement attorney can help avoid these outcomes.
Michigan criminal convictions can follow an individual to other states. Heckman Law, PLLC has helped individuals across the United States set aside their Michigan convictions.
Beyond the direct consequences, such as jail and fines, a criminal conviction (or adjudication) can have numerous collateral consequences. It can affect your ability to find and maintain employment, can result in Child Protective Service involvement with your child, could result in the forfeiture of real or personal property that are the fruits of or instrumentalities of the crime, can affect your ability to expunge past convictions or adjudications, could be used against you in a family law preceding (divorce, child custody, etc.) or other criminal or civil proceeding, can affect your ability to possess a firearm for felonies, or misdemeanors where the facts are related to domestic violence or where it evidences that you are a user of controlled substances, could result in eviction, can affect your ability to get or keep getting government assistance, can affect your ability to get or maintain professional or business licenses, from contractors’ licenses to medical licenses, can affect your driver license, can affect your ability to pay child support and alimony (you should notify FOC immediately and file a motion to modify your support obligation), can affect your ability to immigrate and may result in deportation, may result in your having to register as a sex offender, can prevent you from enlisting in the military, can prevent you from sitting on a jury, can prevent you from voting, can affect your ability to get loans and financial aid, and more. This list is not exhaustive and simply represents some common consequences of a criminal conviction (or adjudication).
Having a conviction set aside will prevent some of these collateral consequences.
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